Jog falls was a heavenly treat for our eyes this June. The moment my husband and I arrived in JOG the instant thought ‘let us spend a night here’. The mist and the clouds, lush green hills…who wants to miss such an incredible scene? So we … Continue reading JOG FALLS

Hello World!

I am not a writer and I do not know how to write an impressive ‘first post’ so I chose to keep it simple & real.

Namaste Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I am someone who is madly in love with India. I love everything about India;the train rides,cows, goats & buffaloes blocking the traffic by standing in the middle of the highway, crowded temples & beaches, immeasurable mountains, sea of people everywhere, culture, food, polluted cities, villages, dust & dirt…almost everything. On this platform I will be sharing my travel experiences through pictures and give some tips & suggestions about the places in India I have visited till date. Hope you find this blog enjoyable & useful.